We are here to launch Art Revival Connection TOHOKU (ARC>T),
an organization dedicated to the revival of the people, towns and places connected by culture and art that were devastated by “The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami”,
and for all activities involved in the recovery of Tohoku,
and to promote and grow a strong network for these activities.

Investigation -

We will endeavor to conduct an on-going effort to collect information and to investigate requests from both evacuation centers and schools. Our efforts will include incorporating activities already in place as well as assisting in the coordination and network of various organizations which have activities already in progress.


As artists we will do our very best to fulfill all requests, including (but not limited to) reading picture books, performing ‘story shows’, or presenting dance exercises to provide a relaxing time for your heart and body. What we can do is limited only by your imagination!


We will never forget that we “are” Tohoku and that our roots are here. We will be here for as long as we are needed, and we will continue creating ways to “cheer up” and help heal the people of Tohoku and beyond. We are listening carefully to the voices of the people, and even now we are spinning the invaluable Story of the Strong People of Tohoku, a story that we hope will be handed down to and retold by future generations. As artists of communication, we feel this is our mission and our stern responsibility to do so.


As artists, we have temporarily lost the opportunity to work as we usually do, but we would love to visit your town and do whatever we can to help you “heal” – but we need the chance to do so! Please ask us to come and we will come! All we ask in return is for your support, a place to perform, and assistance with modest accommodations and travel expenses.


As a result of theater closings and the cancellation of shows, and the voluntary suspension of theatrical events, many of our stage technicians and actors are now unemployed. Many of our people have very useful skills as carpenters and electricians – skills that can be used to help in the building of temporary houses and other structures. If you or someone you know can use good workers, please let us know! We are ready to work!

※We will regularly update and post our current activities – visit our site often to look for changes!
 ARC>T is designed to be your Information Hub and a Network for supporting these activities.

Since March 11, we have done nothing but appreciate the countless messages of enthusiastic encouragement, advice, and good will coming to the Tohoku Region from all over the world. It has given us strength and the will to go on. Still, we cannot contain our tears - with partings & reunions, confusion & decision, and hope & despair - but we are sincerely grateful to all of you.

Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the resulting devastation, we, as artists and as individuals, have been given an opportunity to reconsider our mission and our attitude and to rediscover our basic convictions. The vast backbone of the Oou Mountains - the beauty of the forests and plains and the sea – these are our treasures, but they are also tough and exacting partners. Throughout our history, the people of Tohoku have learned to live with nature; we have endured through many changes and we will continue to survive. Because of the riches and abundance handed to us by our ancestors, as artists we have been able to feel the joy of a life involved in cultural events and art. From today onward, however, it is “our” turn - we ourselves have to stand and be strong and help rebuild Tohoku with new life and a new history that is full of reverence for our ancestor’s footsteps.

As persons who work in the art of communication, we feel that it is time for our abilities and ambitions to be tested. The degree of devastation now encompassing Tohoku has never before been experienced by us, and is an uncharted challenge for our generation. We will strive to do what we can do right now and to learn what will be needed later on, for we are determined to set our sights on the future, all the while firmly believing in the healing potential of art. We will accomplish our purpose by watching carefully, listening closely, thinking critically and preparing well; we will resist the temptation to be frustrated but will go at each one’s own pace, promising to help and assist each other along the way. Our goal is the revival of hearts and lives through an art connection, and we fervently hope and pray that each activity will bear fruit in the future.

We Hereby Establish Art Revival Connection TOHOKU as a Network to Contribute to the Revival of Tohoku.
Please lend your strength and power to Tohoku.

Bank : The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Branch : Sendai Branch
Account No : 314-0230275
Swift Code : BOTKJPJT
Address : 2-1,Chuo 2-chome,Aoba-ku,Sendai,Miyagi 980-0021 Japan

If you want to help, please email us at info@arct.jp and we will contact you.

We have organized regular committee meetings; our meetings are open to all with internet access via Ustream.tv.
We kindly ask that all bank fees be included in total the amount when making a donation by wire transfer.

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Our logo was designed by Ryoko Abe, a Japanese artist based on Brussels. Reiko says, “I hope that a variety of artists will cooperate and inspire each other to encourage all people suffering hardships, to share together the laughter and the tears, and to work with each other for the revival of Tohoku.”

We offer the use of this logo to any organizer of cultural events for “revival activities through art” for TOHOKU, please let us know through the following link: